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Once part of Kent, Downe is now part of the London Borough of Bromley. The connection to Kent is depicted in the village millennium sign, which includes Invicta, Charles Darwin – who lived in Downe for 40 years, the thirteenth century St Mary the Virgin church and the lime tree which stands in the middle of village.

The name Downe probably derives from the old English word ‘DUN’ a hill. The spelling has changed over the years. Done or Doune in 1283. 1304 Dune. 1610 Downe. 19th Century Down. Now, once again Downe with an ‘e’.

There are around 315 dwellings in the Parish. The village evolved as a service station to the 10 large house and estates, and until the last 30 years or so, was chiefly made up of tied cottages for agricultural workers.

Around 1900 there were over 20 small shops and businesses here. Today there is an Indian restaurant and two pubs one of which has a cafe’.

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