Downe Willow

Today’s update 9th June 2017

We have just heard from LBB that ‘works are on order to remove the tree completely. It will be replaced in the forthcoming planting season (November-March)’.

The willow lost yet another branch in last night’s wind. It looks as though it will be the ‘final chop’ for Downe’s iconic willow.

Downe Willow tree

Photo taken 6th June 2017


Unfortunately the lovely willow in the pond suffered the loss of a large branch  from the top of the tree in the strong winds yesterday (4th May 2017). It then cut through and removed one of the lower limbs.

This tree was planted more than forty years ago to soak up the excess water in the pond. The pond had not held water for a number of years and it was decided to plant three willows and the strongest one was retained. The trees were planted by the Residents’ Association and the one that was kept was then handed over to LBB as a ‘street tree’.


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