Lovely orchids sighted in Downe

The wild flowers are beautiful on the footpaths and fields around Downe.  On a recent walk, Pyramidal orchids were seen along with a profusion of Oxeye daisies. Butterflies are also in abundance and many different varieties were seen. A walk along the many footpaths that Darwin walked so many years ago will still enthral visitors and walkers alike.


Lovely walk in the woods around Downe

Bluebell Woods                                                       Deer grazing

The countryside around Downe is looking beautiful. The bluebells are a mass of colour and the scent is overpowering.

We spotted a herd of fallow deer numbering at least forty. There were three albino in the herd and although they were aware of us they made no attempt to run away.

Brenda’s Tea Party

A Tea Party was held in the Village Hall on Saturday afternoon for Brenda Powell who is shortly leaving the village to live near her daughters. Brenda has lived in the village for more than fifty years and all those present were keen pass on their good wishes for the future.

Brenda was presented with a rose and planter and the village combined to wish her every happiness in her new home.

Brenda thanking everyone for the gift and cutting her lovely cake